FDA Compliant Linear Bearings, Shafting
& Slides from LM76

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Pegasus Series 1 Experiment    Project: LMN2TY     4.10.19

We were asked by the US Military to design a linear ball bearing that would be corrosion resistant (salt water, mist and air) and survive momentary elevated temperatures. The one overriding design detail was this: it may not actuate for months, a year or multiple years...but when it needs to actuate it must move unimpeded. Typical all stainless linear ball bearings must be lubricated and because 440C requires carbon during hardening, it will oxidize. Even a small amount of cross corrosion between balls and retainers will effect actuation. LM76 engineers decided to disassemble the bearings, apply a TDC (thin Dense Chrome) to the shell and the retainer and replace the steel balls with SiNi (Silicon Nitride) ceramic balls. We believe this technology offers legitimate advantages when FDA compliance, the low frictional characteristics of a ball are essential, lubrication is out of the question and corrosion resistance is an absolute. If you have an application where you have run into a brick wall because of caustics and the inability to lubricate, welcome to Pegasus Series 1 Bearings.


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LM76 specializes in the design of FDA/USDA/3A Dairy Caustic Washdown Compliant linear bearings, shafting and slides.
  • Food Processing
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Bio/Pharma
  • Medical
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For FDA/Caustic Washdown Linear
Bearing Applications


 300 Series Stainless/PTFE Self-Lube
Linear Bearings 
USP Class 6
Closed and Open FDA NP Pillow Block/Bearing Assemblies        Ceramic Coated Shell with Self-Lube FDA PTFE
        Liner1/3 the weight of stainless 
USP Class 6
Fluidline FDA Linear Bearings - Closed Only FDA Stainless/PTFE, Self-Lube Linear Bearings    FDA Slide Rail with WD Block and
   Ceramic Coated Rail
NP FDA Linear Pillow Blocks and All
Stainless Linear Bearings
NP FDA Pillow Blocks/All Stainless Linear Ball
Bearings with ETX Scraper Seal Cartidges
 Special Designs
440c Stainless - 304 - 316 Series Stainless Linear Shafting Supported Linear Shaft Assemblies - 440c - 300 Stainless      Machined-to-Print Linear Shafting
Special Shaft Designs and Coatings All Stainless Seal 6 Slide WD Water Dog FDA/Self-Lubricating Slider
Blocks & 300 Series Stainless Rail
FDA Slide Rail with WD Block
and Ceramic Coated Rail
WDX FDA - Open Slide WDX FDA Mini Slide